Monday, January 15, 2007

A week in the life...

Just in case anyone thinks that birding magazine editors have it made, well... you're right. Sorta. Editing and writing about birds, choosing great photographs, traveling to events and meeting wonderful folks make for a fantastic gig. I really enjoy it.

Then there are weeks like this previous one that balance out the ledger. I worked Sunday through Thursday up to 13 hours a day trying to meet Thursday's deadline for the March/April issue. You might wonder if I'm a disorganized mess -- well... not completely, just the only one pulling together the editorial content and handling last-minute challenges.

So, there was the deadline to theoretically conquer (that didn't happen). Then there was Thursday's red-eye flight to Atlanta, followed by a trade show to which copies of WildBird never arrived. Sunday night's flight from Atlanta left 90 minutes late, giving me the chance to run for my connection in Phoenix and to arrive in O.C. (note the lack of "the," JP) without my luggage.

On the upside, I received the chance to meet more retailers who want to sell the magazine, learn about new products, meet more birders and manufacturers, spend time with friends who live around the country, enjoy the atmosphere at Spondivits and find a nearby spot for karaoke, dancing and people-watching.

Those delights have buoyed me today while finishing the March/April issue and preparing for another magazine's deadline this Thursday. Those delights likely will occur again soon at Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Fla. I can't wait for the flight to Orlando on the 25th. Who else will be at Space Coast?


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