Monday, June 16, 2008

Bird names appear in law enforcement operation

Operation Falcon took place last week in the Southeast. According to the article, it was the one of the biggest fugitive sweeps in that region of the United States.

Robinson was one of 1,250 fugitives busted in Georgia last week as part of Operation Falcon, a nationwide sweep to arrest some of the most violent offenders. Of the arrests in Georgia, 724 came in metro Atlanta; two were suspected killers, authorities said.

Multiple sweeps like these have already taken place in other cities in recent weeks as part of Falcon. More are coming to undisclosed regions of the country. Authorities would not release further details about the nationwide hunt due to the ongoing nature of the operation.

"Our primary focus when we do this operation are violent offenders, sex offenders and gang members," says Keith Booker, the commander of the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force leading this sweep that included 115 federal, state and local agencies.

The fugitives were wanted on felony charges ranging from murder and aggravated assault to rape and armed robbery to child molestation and an array of parole violations.
I like that the operation's name is a predatory bird -- beautiful, fast and focused. FALCON, however, is an acronym for Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally.

I had to laugh after reading this graf:
The police kept close tabs on the six different teams' arrests, an internal competition to see who could bag more wanted felons. Team Vulture beat out Team Osprey with 147 arrests to 132.
Nice to see that the team names stayed with the avian theme.


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