Friday, January 12, 2007

Birdwatch America

After landing in Atlanta 90 minutes later than scheduled this morning, I enjoyed hearing Birdchick's voice via the cell phone. About an hour later, we visited the executive lounge at the Hilton Atlanta Airport, which offers an excellent breakfast spread with yummy fresh fruit. Ah, just what a sleep-deprived traveler appreciates!

Time to visit the Georgia International Convention Center and set up the WildBird booth for Birdwatch America! I'm looking forward to hearing Sharon's presentation at lunch during the Birding Business retail workshop. Then I'll introduce Hank Weber's seminar about merchandising and being a better retailer.

Tonight's cocktail reception for retailers and exhibitors at the convention center should be a fun gathering of familiar faces. This weekend, watch for updates from the three (if not more) bloggers in attendance!


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