Monday, February 28, 2011

Raptors in the City takes off again

If you like Peregrine Falcons, marvel at their recovery from the effects of DDT and want to see how they adapt to city life, then you'd enjoy keeping tabs on a PEFA nest in Cleveland, Ohio. Just sign up for the Falcon Flash newsletter sent via e-mail from Raptors in the City.

This year's first Falcon Flash appeared in my e-mail inbox this morning, and I'm delighted to catch up with Ranger, SW and her new mate Boomer. With photos and good details, I get to learn more about this really cool species. Plus, during my spare time (ha!), I can peek at the birds via the FalconCams on Terminal Tower and provided by Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

You really don't want to miss out on this interesting look at the Peregrine Falcon nesting cycle, and the website offers many resources that make birds more accessible to children. Please check it out!

Photo of Ranger, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Saladin/Raptors in the City

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Blogger Alison said...

In general, what are the most striking adaptations the falcons have made to city life? Adaptations in animals are the most interesting and complicated reminder of how much our activity influences wildlife.

At KEEN we're reaching out to expert birders like you to help us inspire others to get outdoors to learn and play. I'd love to see some of your favorite birding spots on the map: With your help we can inspire the generation of birders! :)

Thank you!
KEEN Recess Team

April 13, 2012 1:14 PM  

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