Sunday, October 16, 2005

Midwest Birding Symposium 6

This year's symposium offered an incredible number of great speakers with fabulous information. In addition to Don and Lillian Stokes, John Acorn and Bobby Ray Harrison, the schedule included Alicia Craig of American Bird Conservancy; Don Kroodsma, author of The Singing Life of Birds; and birdsong recordist John Feith among many others.

Can the Davenport organizers top that variety during the next event on Sept. 13-16, 2007? Mark your calendar now, and keep your eyes on the Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau website for details about the speakers.

At the 2007 event, I look forward to learning from the presenters... and enjoying more portobello fries on Centro's patio, next to the colorfully lit Skywalk.


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