Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More MSM coverage of the Ivory-bill search

Did you catch today's Washington Post article about the activites in Arkansas? I'm pleased to see well-known newspapers covering the topic and continuing to expose nonbirders to the concept of habitat conservation.

The passages that caught my attention:
“It’s given us a renewed hope that all these efforts, all this work, can pay off,” said Sam D. Hamilton, Southeast regional director for Fish and Wildlife. “It’s the story of how you can get a second chance.”

Hamilton and other conservationists are anxious to show that the recent sightings are not an aberration but proof that preserving and restoring habitat can sustain some of the nation’s most prized species.

Sam Stuart, a 25-year-old volunteer from Phoenixville, Pa., who arrived in Brinkley on Dec. 5, said that after a week in the woods, he now grasps the difficulty of the search.

“We all felt like we were going to come down and find it right away,” Stuart said. “Then you see the enormity of the forest.”

But thank goodness for the enormity of the forest!


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