Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snail-mail species

You've heard about the postage-rate increase that goes into effect next Sunday, the 8th? Perhaps you, like me, have a healthy supply of 37-cent stamps that'll need augmentation to meet the new 39-cent requirement.

A perusal of the U.S. Postal Service website revealed a good solution to my situation: 1-cent stamps. To my delight, that stamp features an American Kestrel. If you want to purchase these stamps online, click on this.

After the 37-cent stamps fly away, I can use these nondenominational stamps of stylized bluebirds. They're available here.

My curiosity prompted a peek at the other stamps in the Animals section of the USPS site. Lo and behold, the Muppets appeared! Having grown up on that satire and silliness, I loved seeing the various images. Alas, they are 37-cent stamps, but that probably won't stop me from buying them.

Of particular interest was the Sam The Eagle stamp. Looking into the Central Casting page of the Muppets site, I saw Sam guarding the desk and biographies of the cast members. Here's the official rundown on Sam The Eagle, courtesy of his Muppets Biography Form.

Name: Sam The Eagle
Nickname: Sam, Mr. Patriotism, The A-MER-ican Eagle
Auditioning For The Part Of: Uncle Sam
Training/Background: I am an Eagle-America and a patriot. Now, what do you have to say for yourself? Just as I thought! Hmph!
Special Talents: Reciting the pledge of allegiance, singing the national anthem, being appalled by the senseless acts of nonsense perpetrated by these weirdoes.
Favorite Movie: "An American in... America"
On My 'Must' List: I musted be treated with respect, or at least not ignored. And if that's not possible, it wouldn't hurt to pretend you're listening now, would it?
Why Are You Right For The Part? I am not only right for this part. I am far right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had forgotten about sam the eagle, he was really scary to me as a kid. kind of that stern uncle type. great idea about the 1 cent stamps, and thanks for the reminder ( i forgot when that started )

January 04, 2006 11:54 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

A pleasure to be of service, Doc!

January 05, 2006 11:40 AM  

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