Friday, February 03, 2006

A pox on distracted drivers!

Some of us like to scan the skies, trees, shrubs and grass for birds while driving. I'm in that crowd, peering at the lamp posts along the 405 to see what they might yield during the morning drive. When a Red-tailed Hawk catches my eye, I try my best to not focus exclusively on it.

Some drivers aren't so good at multi-tasking, and that fact bumped into my Bimmer recently. A distracted fellow nudged his shiny new Mercedes coupe into my beloved 34-year-old car. I saw it comin' in the rear-view mirror and stabbed my horn in hopes of getting him to shift his gaze from his lap to his front windshield. This is the third time in 10 months that someone didn't pay attention and created a problem for me.

So, while you're driving and scanning for birdlife, please remember to keep a very healthy following distance between your car and the bumper in front of you. Thank you!


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