Friday, April 14, 2006

Cape May in the N.Y. Times

Today's New York Times includes an article about Cape May, N.J., in its Real Estate section.

IT'S migration time in Cape May. The birds are converging — millions of them, flapping along their annual routes and propelled by primal urges toward this favored resting spot at the tip of the Jersey Shore.

The birders, too, are following the seasonal imperative, nesting in their habitats of one-story bungalows and gingerbread Victorians. For those lucky enough to own second homes in Cape May, an internationally renowned birding hot spot, the spring approach of the American woodcock and neotropical warblers and all their feathered ilk means the time has come once again to air out the house, tend to the bird-friendly garden and polish up the scopes.
Have you visited Cape May, at the southernmost tip of NooJOYzee? I find it a delightful spot for the birding, the birders and the Victorians. Plus, Bath Time on Jackson Street offers an amazing array of rubber ducks.

In a few weeks, I get to visit Bath Time -- and oh yes, the birding sites -- while in town for the World Series of Birding on May 13. WildBird always sponsors a team in the 24-hour competition, and it's my pleasure to hang out with the guys before and after their participation in the fund-raising event.


Blogger Endment said...

Thanks for sharing this information - hope to go out to Cape May soon --- have to choose between Cape May and Point Pelee this year - hard choice.

April 17, 2006 9:46 AM  

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