Monday, May 01, 2006

GTBC: Sunday

Nick, Clay and I joined the awards brunch at Quinta Mazatlan at a fashionably late hour. (John and Father Tom had other responsibilities and unfortunately couldn't attend the festivities.) We settled into a table in the shade and enjoyed chatting with other participants and special guests. (Click on an image to see a larger version.)

Carol Jones (left) and Shelly Plante shepherded the program, first honoring folks who created the Classic 10 years ago: Madge Lindsay, John Herron, Ted Eubanks and Andrew Sansom. They also presented gifts to corporations, sponsors and individuals who've participated all 10 years. Then the teams shared tales from their adventures.

Then it came time for the awards, of which there were many. Among the awards of particular interest to me were the weeklong tournament, in which the Nikon WildBirders placed second with 325 species (Go team!), and the lower coast sectional, in which the Swarovski Roadside Hawks placed first with 215 species (Woo hoo!). Once again, the WildBirders will choose a habitat conservation project in Texas to receive funds.

Nikon WildBirders: Cameron Cox, Ken Behrens,
Michael Retter and Mike Freiberg

A big shout-out to the blind and visually impaired folks who participated in the Outta-Sight Songbirder Contest (birding by ear only)! This was the tournament's third year in the Classic. Kudos to the young birders who traveled from around the country to participate in the Gliders youth division; I hope to see you at next year's event.

I have only one complaint about the awards brunch: There isn't enough time to chat with everyone before we scatter to catch flights home or to bird more!


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