Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This season of "Raptors in the City" concludes

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned "Raptors in the City." The online program gives us voyeurs an intimate look at nesting Peregrine Falcons in Cleveland, and it focuses on children as its audience:

For kids who love animals
For kids who care about animals that have faced extinction
For kids who want to learn more about the wildlife around them
For kids who promise to care about animals and nature in the future

Today marked the conclusion to this year's adventures of SW and Buckeye, the parents of four chicks that have learned to fly from a skyscraper ledge. Click here for the first episode, and then click on the lightning bolts to continue seeing photos and learning details about these urban dwellers.
Please share the website with youngsters in your life so that they can marvel at the images and "observe" some incredible birds.


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