Friday, March 23, 2007

Nature artists donate proceeds to conservation charities

Have you heard of the Artists for Conservation Foundation? It used to be known as Worldwide Nature Artists Group. Its member sell their art through the site and commit a portion of the proceeds to a conservation charity.

The current Art for Conservation potential pledge total stands at more than $13 million. The designated charities include National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, BirdLife International's Save the Albatross campaign, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, BirdLife International, International Crane Foundation and HawkWatch International among others.

"Among the Willows" by Linda J. Parkinson

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Blogger Patrick Belardo said...

Neat. I bought a painting of a Resplendent Quetzal by Mike DiGiorgio from there last year. I didn't realize the benefit of the site.

March 23, 2007 12:56 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Oohhh, I'm jealous, Patrick.

March 23, 2007 2:52 PM  
Blogger RajkumarChandan said...

I like that worldwide nature artists group post.A charitable post which will become helpful for needy persons.your post had great information.

art for charity

May 24, 2017 5:54 AM  

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