Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Schwarzenegger signs anti-lead bill

California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently signed the Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act (Assembly Bill 821), which mandates nontoxic ammunition for hunting big game in California Condor habitat. The anti-lead legislation, introduced by Assemblyman Pedro Nava of Santa Barbara, is meant to reduce lead poisoning of the endangered birds.

From the Monterey Herald:

"We very much appreciate that Gov. Schwarzenegger chose to do what's right for the California condor by signing this bill into law," said Dr. Michael Fry, the American Bird Conservancy's director of conservation advocacy.

"Governor Schwarzenegger is very pro-hunting and pro-gun rights. His signing this bill is a confirmation that this law is not anti-gun," Fry said, "it is an anti-lead measure."
To learn more about condor recovery efforts, click here.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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