Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A tribute for photographer Tom Vezo

The wonderfully talented Tom Vezo died of a heart attack on July 18. The "Green Valley News" article appears here.

Tom contributed images to WildBird for many years, and we’re going to create a tribute to him and his fantastic work for the November/December issue. His wife, Dorothy, supports the tribute.

We invite you to share short tales about your experiences with Tom. I hope to receive your concise reminisces by Monday, Aug. 18.

You can post them in the comments here -- including your full name and the city and state in which you live -- or you can send an e-mail to wildbird AT bowtieinc DOT com with "Tom Vezo" in the Subject line.

If your full name, city and state do not appear in your missive, then we can't include your contribution in the November/December issue of the magazine. If online privacy concerns you, then e-mail is your better option.

Thank you.


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