Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Any birders have $19.5M to buy land for birds?

Perhaps you'd like to preserve some habitat for Southern California wildlife? Consider plunking down $19.5 million for 175 acres including Elizabeth Lake.

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Conservation Land Group is working with a realtor to sell "Los Angeles County’s largest privately-owned natural lake with surrounding wetlands, marsh and riparian forest providing habitat for over 138 wildlife species."

Approximately 40 miles north of the Los Angeles Civic Center, the property might qualify for between $25 and $35 million in environmental credits, according to the realtor's press release.

“Elizabeth Lake is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Mark Simon of Prudential California Realty. “For a limited time the current owners are considering a sale of the property to land management agencies and/or conservation groups. This very unique site has been managed by the same private ownership for two decades but is now available for conservation purposes.”

The land is also ideal for an Environmental Mitigation Bank due to the significant wetlands and numerous wildlife species found on the site. The property’s habitat includes more than 138 species, including Southwestern Pond Turtles, Tri-Colored Blackbirds, Southwestern Willow Flycatchers, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Yellow Warbler, Osprey, White Tailed Kite, and the Loggerhead Shrike.

Some of the key features to the 175-acre site include two miles of shoreline, 16 acres of commercial land and 158 acres of wetlands and open water; all in a desert environment at the headwaters of the Santa Clara River.



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