Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Federal Aviation Administration opened a database of bird strike records yesterday. Will the data spur more innovation and efforts to reduce bird populations near airports?


Nationwide, there were 98,328 reports of aircraft striking birds or other wildlife since January of 1990, although the actual numbers probably are far higher. The Federal Aviation Administration said only 20 percent of incidents are reported under the voluntary system of data collection.

The database shows strikes resulted in "substantial damage" to aircraft on about 3,000 occasions. Eleven people died in incidents relating to bird strikes.

The FAA initially fought to keep its database closed, saying publication of the details might discourage the industry from reporting information.

After it was made public, an airline industry organization was quick to say the data could wrongly lead some people to believe flying is unsafe.
Do you use one of the 10 airports that reported the highest number of strikes in the last 19 years?

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