Friday, October 02, 2009

On The Fly: Where do you read WildBird?

We want to see where you read WildBird when not at home! Send a 300dpi JPG with a detailed caption to with the subject line "On The Fly." We've received some creative images from unexpected locations, and we look forward to seeing more!

Double-check that the file's resolution is 300dpi, not 72dpi. The file's print size needs to be 4x5 inches or larger. Also remember to provide your full name and the city and state in which you live.

--> Please adhere to the requested method of delivery: e-mail. If you try to submit a photo via Snapfish, YouSendIt, CD or some means other than e-mail, you're operating outside our streamlined system, and you risk disqualification.

If your photo appears in a future issue of the magazine, it might join the On The Fly photo album on WildBird's Facebook page, too.

Above: Judith O'Neale of Lafayette, La., went to Cuba with Caribbean Conservation Trust to survey birds at national parks and biosphere reserves -- and took this photo with the March/April 2009 issue.

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