Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twitter can curate bird photos

Are you familiar with Twitter, the 140-character communication tool that's becoming more popular? (I still feel silly referring to "tweets," the micro-blogging messages.) Many birders have adopted it, and I haven't regretted signing up last year.

One of the recent additions to the free service is the ability to create Lists where we can group together similar "tweeters" based on topic, region or any criteria of your choice. I created a birding list and really enjoy being able to read, respond to and "retweet" birders' posts more efficiently. The list also includes organizations that are not birding-specific but deal with nature and conservation.

Today, the value of the list crystallized again after seeing three tweets in quick succession with the phrase or "hashtag" Wordless Wednesday. Some bloggesr and tweeters who take bird photos like to share their photos via Twitter with that hashtag (which serves as a hyperlinked search tool of similar tweets).

Here are the three tweets:
LadyWoodpecker: New blog post: Wordless Wednesday

blobbybirdman: Blobbybirdman's Peregrinations: Wordless Wednesday

LRockwellatty: Today's Wings on Wednesday #wordlesswednesday

If you've resisted Twitter as one of those silly online time-sinks, perhaps you'll reconsider after enjoying the constant supply of bird photos and news provided by other birders and nature-minded tweeters.

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