Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter birds' Survival Challenge

The Celebrate Urban Birds project at Cornell Lab of Ornithology wants to know how birds survive winter in your neighborhood and invites you to participate in the Survival Challenge. Your entries could garner you one of various prizes, such as a binocular, a birdfeeder, a birdsong calendar, a book or greeting cards.

Take a photo, create some artwork, shoot video, write a story or a poem, or create a sculpture. Get creative! Just show how birds get along in winter in your community. It could be a place, a behavior, a human-bird relationship, or anything you can spot!
Photo courtesy of Bonny McTague at Pictou Library in Nova Scotia, Canada
Nova Scotia’s climate boasts robust winters and lavish snowfalls.
On average in January temperatures are in the -5 degrees Celsius rangewith regular snowfalls, some blizzards and a few times each winter,we can experience some snowfalls of more that 25cm.The sign reads: “Please Remember to Feed the Wild Birds this Winter.”

To enter the challenge:
* Email your photo, art, or video entry to Links are acceptable for videos.
* Write "Survival_YourFirstName_LastName_YourState/Country" in the subject line.
* Include your name and mailing address in the email.
* Tell us why you submitted the entry to the Survival contest. What’s the story behind your image?
* Agree to the Release of your entry for Cornell's future use.

By entering, you agree that you are granting the Cornell Lab of Ornithology a royalty-free, perpetual license to use the images or video for any purpose, including but not limited to publications, websites, and commercial products benefiting our education, outreach, and research programs.
Send your entry before Feb. 15!

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