Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Zen Zugunruhe!

That's the name of WildBird's team in the World Series of Birding this Saturday in New Jersey. This year's team consists of Dave Hedeen, Matt Garvey, Glen Davis and Tait Johansson. I'm looking forward to seeing them after getting into Cape May tomorrow.

The World Series began in 1984 when birders converged on the Garden State to I.D. as many species as possible within 24 hours and to raise money for conservation projects. The event's grown tremendously in two decades, and the growth that most delights me is the number of youth teams.

We get to hear from the young birders during Sunday's awards brunch, when all of the teams share tales of their 24-hour scavenger hunt. We never know what Dave Hedeen will say, but we know that he'll elicit laughter!


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