Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birds' "pick-up tricks"

Via CNN.com, a Mental Floss article about animals' mating rituals that includes two birds:

Bower Birds: While it's common for most male birds to attract females with elaborate visual signals --like peacocks, who fan their feathers for available chicks -- the bower birds of Australia and New Guinea take more of a Bob Vila approach to the practice.
Click that CNN link for details.


White-fronted Parrots: White-fronted parrots are something of an anomaly in the animal kingdom. For one thing, they may be the only species (besides humans) to engage in what is essentially the act of "kissing." Before mating, the male and female birds will lock beaks and gently flick their tongues together. If that goes well, the males will make the bold move for "second base," which involves regurgitating food for his mate in a generous show of affection. How sweet!
For more info about bowerbirds, click on this PBS Nature link. For a fantastic four-minute video of David Attenborough watching a male work on his bower, click on this link.


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