Friday, February 08, 2008

Endangered bird on PBS show this Sunday, 2.10

"Nature," the award-winning PBS series, will show "Crash: A Tale of Two Species" on Feb. 10 and highlight the relationship between Red Knots and horseshoe crabs. Click here to see when the shows airs in your area.

The Nature website contains fantastic images and resources related to "Crash." Learn about horseshoe anatomy, its value to the human medical industry and its importance to migratory Red Knots that eat horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware Bay. Watch videos, click through an interactive map of the birds' migratory path, and download a teacher's guide and two desktop wallpapers.

For an inspiring story about habitat conservation that benefits Red Knots, turn to page 9 of WildBird's March/April 2008 issue. Rather than complain about habitat loss, concerned individuals raised money to purchase property along the Delaware Bay coastline. More birders can do likewise.

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