Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My inner child

During the last two days, my inner child has come out to play during the morning walk around the neighborhood. On Sunday and Monday nights, rain fell, which always means lots of worms on the asphalt streets during my dorkwalk.

On mornings like these, the brisk pace abruptly stops while I try to wrangle the worms off the asphalt and into the middle of the nearest lawn. All of the worms pose a challenge; they're typically slippery, you know, and some of them spaz out and make it really difficult to get a good grip. I wonder what a bird thinks when a worm pulls that defensive maneuver.

Some worms are thin and short, some are thick and long, and one was really thin and long and sticky. It didn't come off my fingers during the first fling toward the grass.

Why do I do this? Because I'm still 6 years old in some respects. I like getting goo and dirt on my fingers. I like touching a bit of nature. I also like the idea of preventing the worm from drying out on the asphalt... and keeping it alive a little longer so that a bird might eat it later!


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