Friday, November 18, 2005


Inspired by a friend, Sharon, I took a picture of Roseate Spoonbills through a 10x42 binocular so that the bin served as a zoom lens. The result obviously is not a great image of the scene at Scottsmoor Landing but more impressive than the 3x zoom on the digital camera.

Is there an official term for using a binocular as a zoom lens for a digital camera? If I remember correctly, Andy Farnsworth at Cornell referred to it as "digibining," and he's used the technique in the past.

It makes sense for the term to mimic "digiscoping" (the use of a digital camera with a spotting scope). The technique is growing in popularity and had a consistent presence during the Space Coast festival. Each day included a digiscoping seminar, and Thursday's keynote address by Neil Fifer focused on it.


Anonymous Elroy Skuttle said...

Actually Amy, I, me me me, pioneered this method. And its called Diginocularization. The moment is burned in my mind like like like a mig welder leaves is molten bead upon steel. It was at Nevada's Kurniva Valley in the Summer of 2001. September. It was Hot. Very hot. We were there to bear witness to the seldom seen Noonday Crossing. We sweltered amid the rock and dust trying to east pb&j's before they turned to tire chocks, awaiting our prey. And there they were. Trouping along single file, heads down, determined and stoic. They were making the noonday crossing of the blistering, searing dry lake bed towards the water as they had since time immemorial. Cool clear water. We could hear them singing. It was hot. The jackasses, noble beasts. So hip and cool and nonchalant. Tears came to our eyes, tears of joy, and were quickly sucked away by the arid breeze leaving streaks of salt down our cheeks. We looked like clowns. We were clowns. It was hot. I clenched my faithful Nikomat in a sweaty fist dripping with...sweat. But I was not nervous. It was hot. With my free sweaty fist I attempted to hold a $10 pair of Tascos to the end of a 28mm fixed focal length lens. My faithful and sunburned assistant chortled and poked my ribs with her index finger as I tried to focus both instruments simultaneously upon the lead burro, an albino. Gorgeous creature, so noble. It was hot. As they breached the dunes bordering the lake bed and descended to the alkali flat I acquired what I considered at the time to be a moment of clarity in the viewfinder. I snapped a shot, and another and another. God what I would have given for a motor drive. Perhaps my assistant. Alas, you work with what you have and besides, at that time I was a dedicated manualist. Misguided youth. I snapped my last shot, not becauase I was overcome with emotion. I was out of film. But we had seen enough. We had witnessed the mysterious mythical Albino Jackass, Dan. We named it Dan. Keep a Movin', Dan. I still have that film. The pictures are total junk. Yours look way better. Later gator.

November 22, 2005 2:51 PM  

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