Monday, November 28, 2005

Wild parakeets in my neighborhood

I hear them before seeing them--five little birds squawking like the dickens while flying at first light. The timing is just as hoped... about 6:30 a.m. (my watch is broken so I can't confirm the exact minute). The five birds surprise me, though, coming from an unexpected direction.

Then I hear squawks from the anticipated location and turn my head to see two larger birds emerge from the taller palm tree on the northeast corner of Costa Mesa Street and Orange Avenue. That's where I'd thought to see and hear all seven birds emerge.

Are they Yellow-chevroned Parakeets or White-winged Parakeets? I don't know. The soft light doesn't allow for a look at their wings, and the morning schedule doesn't allow me to follow their route.

I'm just pleased to see seven of the fast-flapping squawkers, and I hope to trace their morning flight on another day soon.


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