Thursday, December 01, 2005

College birders

Birds need birders to preserve the necessary habitats, and birding needs young birders to carry out that work now and in the future. The current batch of birders--the majority of whom are older and/or retired--need to encourage the next generations to share their passion for birding.

College clubs, like the Brown Boobies at Brown University in Providence, R.I., represent ideal opportunities for the birding community to encourage younger enthusiasts. Is a community college or four-year university near you?

Please consider contacting its student affairs division to see if the campus organizations include a birding or an ornithology group. Offer to share your experiences and expertise with young adults who want to learn and take action of behalf of birds.

From the linked article: "Winton hopes that word will continue to spread, because the Brown Boobies have big plans for the future, including creating an on campus bird garden complete with flowers and bird feeders."

Are you the person who can help them create that garden?


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