Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mexico's Saltillo Savanna

In the January/February 2006 issue's Conservation Corner, Peter Stangel discussed the Saltillo Savanna, considered globally important by the Alliance for Zero Extinction. One of the alliance members, American Bird Conservancy, agreed to raise funds to protect the 40,000-acre prairie through a Mexican Grasslands Appeal.

In today's Birdwire, ABC announced that a member, Los Angeles Audubon Society, will donate $1,000 to the project. Because ABC will match donations up to $20,000, the project will receive $2,000. Kudos to the Angelenos!

Perhaps your birding club would like to emulate the West Coasters? If you want tips about organizing a fundraiser, contact Alicia Craig at acraig AT abcbirds DOT org

This is a chance to preserve globally important habitat. Please step up to the plate!

P.S. You can read Peter's "blog-erview" in one of today's earlier posts.


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