Thursday, April 06, 2006

A follow-up of sorts

In the comments to this morning's post, Eli cited Kingbird Highway, the 2006 edition of which recently landed in my in box. Kaufman's new afterword slightly connects to Tuesday's post about the Duck Stamp:
Careful readers will note that the guy who "won" was hardly a shining example of birding ethics. What kind of person would pay thousands of dollars for flights and car rentals to chase a rare bird and then try to avoid paying a couple of bucks to get into a state park? Real birders carry their share, do their part, try to support the resource that supports their birding. (emphasis mine--ah)
We can do our part to protect the habitat that supports "our" birds by paying just $15 for a stamp that provides free access to all NWRs and purchases more habitat.


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