Thursday, June 15, 2006

Photo contest winners

Phew! I finally can say that the judges chose the 16 winners in this year's contest. More than a handful of judges noted the difficulty in making their decisions. Yes, we are blessed to receive so many excellent entries as to make our job strenuous!

Did you notice my... ahem... "complaints" in previous posts about the hundreds of entries? I wasn't talkin' 200 or 400 entries. Oh no, a whimper wouldn't pass my lips for numbers like that.

Try this on for size: 13 hundred. That's right... more than 1,360 pictures for my eyeballs to scrutinize and whittle for the judges' perusal. Yee haw!

The winning images will appear in the September/October issue, which will be available in early August. Lemme know what you think of 'em.


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