Monday, September 25, 2006

Disgruntled about Peregrine on Idaho state quarter

Thanks to Marc Crapo of Aston, Idaho, for pointing out the petition to remove the Peregrine Falcon from the Idaho state quarter. Created by Dan Carscallen, the petition has garnered 359 signatures.

Among its arguments are

The quarter should be representative of the uniqueness of the Idaho, its individuality, and it’s qualities which set it apart from other states. The falcon is far too ubiquitous to be uniquely Idaho. The Peregrine Falcon has one of the most global distributions of any bird of prey. This falcon is found on every continent except Antarctica, and lives in a wide variety of habitats from tropics, deserts, and maritime to the tundra, and from a sea level to 12,000 feet.

We strongly urge that this option be discounted, since the number one criteria for the state quarter is "Designs shall have broad appeal to the citizens of the state", and the Peregrine Falcon does not have said broad appeal. Boise is home to the World Center for Birds of Prey, The Peregrine Fund's world headquarters. There is far more to Idaho than Boise. This is yet another reason for people in North, Central, and Southeast Idaho to feel alienated and estranged from its so-called State capitol.
Anyone else heard anything about this or similar disagreements about birds on state quarters?


Blogger birdchick said...

I have visited Idaho and I know some of the land owners are not thrilled with the BLM and birds of prey that have to be protected. I can't help but ask if this petition has more to do with that, than the fact that the peregrine is a world wide species.

A good chunk of the Midwest peregrine reintroduction project took place in Boise and when it was delisted it was celebrated there as well--it makes sense to have it on the quarter.

The idea that it is a world wide species doesn't hold too much water with me. We have the loon on the Minnesota quarter and they aren't even here for half the year.

The peregrine is a cool bird, I wish it was on our quarter. Better that than the cardinal which is the state bird for seven states.

September 26, 2006 9:04 AM  

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