Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Autumn Weekend: Higbee dike

Leaving the meadow and ambling west on the dirt road, I enjoyed the canopy overhead and the Yellow-rumped Warblers and other elusive little creatures flitting along the roadsides. At this point, my sleep-deprived brain wasn't up to the challenge of bird identification. I simply enjoyed their antics while soaking up the environment.

The trees eventually stop, revealing the dike on the right. It served as the original site of the Morning Flight project for many years.

Here's where you can imitate a billy goat and scramble up the slightly steep trail.

At the top, you'll see this when you look north.

When you look south, you'll see the relatively new Morning Flight platform.

At this point, my wanderlust needed to cease. My stomach needed fuel, and I knew just the place for peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes.

Before stuffing my mouth, I drank in this view one more time. Aaahhh.


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