Thursday, December 21, 2006

Want to be an avian landlord but without the work?

The Oregon Garden in Silverton has the perfect opportunity for you! The 80-acre botanical sanctuary south of Portland encourages you to become a landlord "in an upscale garden community" that includes single-family homes, duplexes, apartment complexes and hangouts.

Landlords' names will appear on plaques on their sponsored dwellings or feeders, and the sponsors will receive commemorative lease agreements and recognition in the Avian Real Estate portion of the garden's newsletter. A "lease" might make a nice gift at any time of year, too.

* A single-family home costs $40/year for a chalet-style abode or $50/year for a copper-roofed dwelling.
* A duplex consists of copper-capped dwellings with two units for $60/year.
* An apartment complex includes six units for $90/year.
* A hangout could be a pub (hummingbird feeder) for $60/year, a restaurant (hanging feeder) for $80/year or a diner (platform feeder) for $100/year.

For more info, call the garden at 503-874-8266 or send an e-mail.


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