Friday, February 23, 2007

Wildlife action plans in place for all U.S. states and territories

The Interior Department recently announced that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service approved comprehensive conservation plans for the 56 states and territories. This marks the first time that we have "a nationwide blueprint of actions to conserve imperiled species and prevent them from becoming threatened or endangered."

The action plans allow state and territorial fish and wildlife agencies to receive more grants under the State Wildlife Grant program signed by President Bush in 2001. The agencies worked with biologist, conservationists, landowners and the general public to create the plans.

β€œA strong cooperative approach was integral when constructing our state wildlife action plans to ensure the health and survival of all wildlife,” said Ed Parker, president of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and bureau chief of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. β€œIn just a few years time, we have already seen the results of working in closer relationships with other conservation agencies and organization within our states. Never has such a comprehensive set of plans been constructed with so much input.”

Each plan includes details about low and declining populations and the habitats that they need, identifies problems for these populations as well as research and survey efforts to improve conservation, and states priorities. The plans will be updated at least once every 10 years. To see the plan for your state, click here.

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