Monday, October 01, 2007

High Island in Texas needs help after hurricane

Houston Audubon Society seeks volunteers and funds to restore the sanctuaries affected by Hurricane Humberto on Sept. 13.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Houston Audubon conserved the woods for the birds, but also made it possible for people to enjoy birds by building nature trails, many accessible to people with disabilities. Accordingly, people crowd into High Island sanctuaries by the hundreds every weekend during spring migration. They come from around the country and all over the world — Canada, Europe and Japan — to see the phenomenon of songbird migration.

But the songbirds come to the woodlots for survival.

"The sanctuaries are vital to the survival of native and migratory birds," said Gina Donovan, executive director of Houston Audubon. "Millions of migratory birds are dependent upon the natural areas for rest stops during migration."
Click on the link to see the chapter's requests for help. Thank you.


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