Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the news: Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

I like to see how well local media outlets cover birding events. From my perspective, newspapers and television stations should send reporters to events that draw hundreds of visitors -- and dollars -- to their communities. Ecotourism can infuse an economy like that of south Texas.

"The Brownsville Herald" and "Valley Morning Star" covered the five-day Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival with a couple articles: November 6 and November 9. It would've been good to find more coverage in their archives.

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Blogger Kimberly Kaufman said...

Hey Amy! It was great to see you (albeit briefly) in Harlingen!

I agree about media coverage of birding events. In the spring, when thousands upon thousands of birders migrate to our area, I pull out all the stops and go for TV coverage and every source of print media I can get! Last spring we really knocked the socks off of some of the "major" TV stations in NW Ohio. It was great to see the expressions on the film crews' faces when they saw just how many birders were visiting Magee Marsh/Crane Creek! It wasn't hard to make the connection to the amount of $$$ these visiting birders were spending in our area--creating a much greater appreciation for the resource that brought them here!

Thanks for all the great work you do, and for being such a great role model for young women who want to make a career in the birding world!

Kimberly Kaufman

November 13, 2008 1:32 AM  

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