Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Falcon Flash begins again

Once again, Peregrine Falcon fans can tune in for another breeding season featuring SW and Buckeye. The two birds of prey have raised young on a skyscraper -- Terminal Tower -- in Cleveland, Ohio, for seven years; SW (female) appears on the left, Buckeye (male) on the right.

Scott Wright provides images for the educational project, as do the FalconCams sponsored by Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The direct link to the FalconCams, updated once a minute, is here.

The Falcon Flash e-mail bulletins come from Deborah Mathies, with the Raptors In The City science curriculum for children ages 7-11. No doubt raptor fans of all ages can enjoy and benefit from the news bulletins (to which you can subscribe at the RITC site) and the FalconCam updates.

The photo below, taken yesterday, shows SW and Buckeye in the nestbox on the skyscraper's ledge. They're showing courtship behavior, Mathies wrote.

Good luck, SW and Buckeye!

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