Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Want to write an article for a 2010 issue of WildBird?

The time is drawing near when editors here will craft the editorial calendar for all of the 2010 issues. We will evaluate all the queries sent via e-mail (preferred) and snail mail (not preferred) in the preceding months and consider how the suggested topics might fit together in WildBird's six issues with 64 or 72 pages per issue.

While considering the topics, I look at many other aspects of each query. For instance, does the writer address the letter to me rather than the generic Dear Editor? If not, the writer reveals a lack of research. Does that apparent laziness inspire my confidence in the quality of the writer's proposed article? Not so much.

That criteria and others appear in Freelance Tips in the right column of this blog. To those writers who understand the freelance criteria, I extend a hearty invitation and a particular desire to read backyard-birding queries.

What topics can you suggest for the 20th annual hummingbird issue that haven't appeared in previous issues? Let's work together to create great issues!



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