Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Friday deadline: Today!

In November, we revived the First Friday birding fiction contest and enjoyed the wordsmithery of Clare Kines. A repeat winner, Clare sets high standards. You can read his November entry here.

For the January contest, we're going to fudge the timing a wee bit. The first Friday was Jan. 1, a holiday! The second Friday entails a business trip that will keep me on my toes in Atlanta, Ga., so the third Friday -- Jan. 15 -- will bring a well-crafted story for your enjoyment.

Will you join the fun today? Here are the parameters:
* The story contains 500 words. That's all: 500.
* It deals with birds, birders and/or birding.
* It includes four elements: a setting, a character or characters, a conflict and a resolution.
* It does not anthropomorphize birds.
* You send your wordsmithery to before 5 p.m. PST on Thursday, and you include your mailing address.

Some birders think they lack the imagination or writing chops to create a good story. I think otherwise!

Many writers use a real-life incident as the spark for a tale. Maybe while you participated in a Christmas Bird Count, you experienced a sight, sound, smell, touch or taste that's perfect for a 500-word imaginary incident about birds, birders or birding.

Please do join the fun!

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