Thursday, December 17, 2009

I and the Bird #115

Do you revel in winter, Henry David Thoreau, nature and birds? Then you don't want to miss the latest edition of I and the Bird, hosted by Jason at Xenogere. He's crafted a wonderful presentation of 20-plus blog posts.

The crackling fire spits and pops. We nestle against its warmth. Outside, the season’s cold rests upon the night. The first snow fell this morning. And just as we have done every first snow these past four decades, Henry David Thoreau and I settle into familiar places around the hearth, warm biscuits and steaming cups of tea plated nearby, heavy woolen throws laying comfortably across our laps.

To my mind nothing speaks more beautifully of the year’s transition than the tapestries he weaves with simple words placed in expert patterns. Our fireside visits embrace the season, welcome it, give it a nod and a smile and a warm handshake. Many an hour have we spent sitting together on evenings such as this, hearing wind rattle windows, watching flames dance warmly, losing ourselves in comfortable thoughts of nature.
Aren't you tempted to settle into a comfortable chair and read I and the Bird? Perhaps you'd like to contribute to the next edition? Send your submission by Jan. 5, 2010, to Listening Earth Blog (but I couldn't find an e-mail address to which you can send your submission; perhaps you'll have better luck).

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