Thursday, March 04, 2010

Big customer for Rainforest Alliance Certified tea leaves

Rainforest Alliance certified farms gained an international customer this year, with the Tetley brand promising to purchase all tea for its branded teabag and loose tea products from the certified farms. The alliance said the the world's second largest tea company plans to complete the switch by 2016.

All farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ have met the environmental, social, and economic standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network. The SAN standards cover ecosystem conservation, worker rights and safety, wildlife protection, water and soil conservation, agrochemical reduction, decent housing, and legal wages and contracts for workers.
“We welcome this commitment from Tetley wholeheartedly,” said Tensie Whelan, president of Rainforest Alliance, responding to Tetley’s announcement. “Tea farmers have faced many challenges, but working together we can make industry-wide changes to ensure positive environmental and social practices, and give consumers what they really want – reassurance that their cup of tea benefits both farmers and the land.”



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