Monday, March 01, 2010

Prizes for only 250 words!

Want to receive a new Peterson field guide, some Swarovski swag and the chance to win a hosted birding trip and a Swarovski binocular? Then open your March/April issue to pages 11 and 21, look at the Forum Focus and Backyard Inquiry questions, and send your 250-word responses today!

Sometimes we hear complaints about the deadline: "Why would the deadline that appears in the March/April issue be on March 1?" Answer: The vast majority of readers receive their copies in the mail, and the subscription copies of the March/April issue were mailed on Jan. 20, which gave subscribers more than four weeks to read the issue and send their Arduous or Nest replies.

Interested in more details about the contest? Look at the sidebar to the right, find the section about the Birder of the Year program, and consider if you want to win a Swarovski binocular and a hosted birding trip. Maybe you'll visit Costa Rica, like Connie Kogler did.

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