Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deadlines, deadlines!

* Oct. 24 deadline for an Ivory-billed luncheon in Atlanta

Want to hear from Gene Sparling, the kayaker who first reported an ivory-bill in February 2004 in Arkansas? He and Scott Simon, the director of The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas, will talk about the search for conclusive proof of the species’ existence during the two-hour “Hope Takes Flight” luncheon on Nov. 4.

Members of the search team – including Tim Barksdale – offer high praise of Scott Simon. In Tim Gallagher’s book The Grail Bird, he writes, “Scott also has excellent people skills and has managed, single-handedly at times, to keep our fragile coalition together when the inevitable personality clashes take place.” I’d like to meet Scott someday to say “thank you” for his conservation efforts.

* Oct. 25 deadline for I And The Bird
The blog carnival for birders, I And The Bird, will appear next Thursday, Oct. 27. The deadline for submissions is next Tuesday, the 25th. Visit 10,000 Birds for all the details!


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