Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And now, a little white-line hypnosis

It's time for a drive. Got yer water? Got yer bins and camera? Buckle up and get comfy 'cause we're first goin' north and east on the 15 to Sin City.

The SHOT show focuses on gun aficionados and like-minded outdoorsmen, but it also showcases new binoculars by optics manufacturers. That's my quarry--the binoculars. I'll aim for the optics booths on Thursday and visit as many as possible within eight hours. (A quick jaunt to Red Rock Canyon would be delightful.)

Friday morning's destination: the Plymouth of the West. The 10th annual San Diego Bird Festival will be in full swing in the afternoon, and I'm looking forward to attending a digiscoping class, saying "hello" to WildBird Advisory Board member Pete Dunne, catching up with friends and going on two field trips--one to the desert, one on the ocean. (Southern California is pretty cool that way, with the different habitats in close proximity.)

This will be my second year to attend this festival, which has new organizers this year. I'm hoping that the pelagic trip again includes Brown Boobies and other seabirds outside my usual experience. We shall see!


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