Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Making a magazine 5

Did you know that magazine editors typically work two to three months ahead? The May/June issue has me in its grips.

This week's flurry of activity includes editing features and departments and columns (oh my), factchecking, rounding up photos from an errant columnist (ahem), and choosing photos for the features and departments.

The art directors and I agreed on two photos for the cover of the annual hummingbird issue. We're always pleased to receive submissions of birds in unusual positions 'cause we're so tired of "bird on a stick."

One of my favorite aspects of this job is selecting the images for each issue. Many talented photographers submit slides and digital images after receiving an issue's needs list, and did I mention that I love digital images?

While it's daunting to handle each of the 25-plus submissions, it's a huge delight to peruse the results of the photographers' skill and patience. It's also very gratifying that the photogs want their work to appear in the magazine.

And now, nose to the grindstone. Posting might be lighter during the next week. Have a good one!


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