Friday, December 21, 2007

Texas state parks improved in '07

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department reports that folks visiting state parks can see park facilities in better condition, more interpretive programs, reopened campgrounds and trails, and better customer service. As birders, have you seen evidence of these changes?

The 80th Texas Legislature passed House Bills 1 and 12 that provide $25.6 million for park operations and the hiring of park staff during the 2008-09 biennium. Lawmakers also appropriated roughly $52 million in bonding authority to fund major state park repairs, sending the measure to voters for approval as required by law. On Nov. 6, voters approved that constitutional measure, Proposition 4, which allocates $25 million to dry-berth the Battleship Texas to ensure its long-term preservation and another $27 million for major infrastructure repairs throughout the eight state park regions.
Have birders in other states seen similar financial resources put into their state parks and other natural areas?

Have you joined or donated to their state park foundations? For instance, my annual membership in California State Parks Foundation gives me a yearly pass to parks (which includes beaches) and a subscription to Sunset, among other valued items. It's completely worth the price tag.


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