Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival: In the news

The local newspapers in south Texas provided fairly consistent coverage of the 14th annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. If you didn't join the festivities, then you can peek at them here. (Too bad the reporters and copy editors didn't check a field guide for the accurate punctuation of species' common names, not to mention the tour guides' correct names. Sigh.)

The Brownsville Herald
11.8 Birders make way to Laguna Atascosa
11.9 Birders search out King Ranch
11.10 Along the river
11.11 Polly and the Birders
11.12 Birding festival wraps up with emphasis on youth

Valley Morning Star
11.4 Birders flock to Harlingen for birding festival
11.4 festival schedule
11.4 A dream takes flight
11.5 Birder's paradise
11.10 Birders find parrots roosting in downtown Harlingen
11.12 Kiskadee Corner closes festival

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