Friday, February 01, 2008

Lead ammo bad for ravens

Just as lead ammunition has been labeled detrimental to the California Condor recovery efforts and banned in California, a recent report in "The Journal of Wildlife Management" says Common Ravens in and around Yellowstone have "greatly elevated" lead levels in their blood during hunting season.

Researcher and author Derek Craighead said, “The implications of our study are that lead contamination should be suspect in all species, including humans, that feed on hunter-killed animals. Fortunately, using non-lead bullets is one relatively easy solution to curb this form of lead contamination.”

Craighead has unpublished data showing an even worse problem with Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, whose blood lead levels can reach fatal levels. Craighead will present this information at a conference sponsored by The Peregrine Fund in May.

Common Raven courtesy of USFWS


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