Friday, October 28, 2005

Autumn Weekend 4

On Friday morning, it wasn't so difficult to spot owls--in the convention hall. As soon as the Festive Faces face painters set up their booth, Sheila Lego and I hopped into chairs. The two talented painters adorned Sheila and me with plumage and beaks in no time.

We both enjoyed seeing other folks' reactions and encouraging them to join the "Happy Owl-o-ween" spirit of the weekend. While standing at the WildBird booth, I got to point folks toward the face painters until we closed The Bird Show at 5 p.m.

I had so much fun as an owl that the paint remained on during dinner and Denver Holt's program about Snowy Owls. It's a little odd to meet people like Denver while wearing face paint... but it makes an impression!

Before Denver spoke, though, everyone got to hear four talented birders give their renditions of many species' calls. The audience got in on the fun, too, by volunteering their versions of bird calls. The evening was quite a hoot! ;)


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