Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cornell's All About Birds

Speaking of Scientific American, did you know that its editors chose All About Birds as one of the World Wide Web’s 25 best sites about science and technology? Two thumbs up for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Swarovski Optik and National Science Foundation.

Sci Am writes, “For dyed-in-the-feathers ornithologists and binocular-newbies alike, a beautifully designed site covering all aspects of birding, including identification, gear selection, conservation efforts, location scouting and even a detailed guide on how to attract the winged voyagers to your own yard. Most impressive and useful is the field guide--sortable alphabetically or taxonomically--that includes gorgeous photos, detailed descriptions, "cool facts," audio tracks of birdsongs, and a host of other info that will have you telling the recently rediscovered ivory bill (the largest woodpecker north of Mexico) from an imperial (the largest woodpecker in the world) in no time flat.”


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