Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This morning's news about Hurricane Wilma becoming a Category 5 storm makes me a wee bit nervous and distracted.

According to "That should hurl the hurricane toward the Florida Peninsula, probably the southern part of the peninsula, this weekend. Wilma is expected to be weakening by then, but weakening is a relative term and Wilma may still be a major hurricane (winds over 110 mph) when it makes landfall."

That means a couple friends, including a birder in Port Charlotte and a National Guardsman in Fort Lauderdale, could receive the brunt of Wilma's wrath. Hence, the distracted state of mind.

Wilma's current projected path includes the Orlando area, specifically Titusville, which is on the travel calendar for the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival Nov. 16-20. Will Wilma wreak havoc there?

This wait-and-see kind of natural disaster is nerve-wracking! I prefer the spontaneous and quick earthquakes in Southern California.


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